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Klinger Specification


• Pressure rating 1,000 psi non-shock for water, oil and gas
• Glass reinforced PTFE seals and seats
• Stainless steel handle, plastic insulated
• 100% factory tested air underwater in open and closed position
• Hydrostatic test pressure 1,500 psi

KLINGER - Ball Valve

 Compact Barstock Reduced Bore Ball Valve

 Stainless Steel Reduced Bore Ball Valve

 3-Piece Full Bore Ball Valve

 3-Piece - Ballo Star Ball Valve

Klinger Schoneberg - Ball Valve

 Ball Valve Size 1/4" - 2"

 Ball Valve Size DN4 - DN16 PN63

 Ball Valve Size DN4 - DN16 PN160

 Ball Valve Size DN4 - DN16 PN63 Clamping Ring Connection

 Ball Valve Size 1/4" - 4" Threaded Ends

 Ball Valve Size 1/4" - 4" Butt Weld Ends

 Ball Valve Size DN15 - DN100

 Ball Valve Size 1/2" - 4" ANSI150

 Ball Valve Size 1/2" - 4" ANSI300

 Ball Valve INTEC 200-500K

 Ball Valve INTEC 600-700

 Advantage of the INTEC Ball Valves K200 - Series


Piston Valve

Ball Valve


Level Gauge

Ring Cutting Machine

• Reliably tight-across the ports and to the outside
• Environmentally safe and energy-efficient
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