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Globe Valve


• Conventional port
• Outside screw and Yokes
• Two piece self alignment packing gland
• Bolted bonnet with spiral wound gasket, thread and seal welded bonnet or threaded and pressure seal bonnet
• Integral backseat

 Forged Steel Globe Valve 150 - 800 lb.

 Forged Steel Globe Valve Class 1500

 Cast Steel Gland Packing Globe Valve PN16-40



• Double wall bellows seal as standard
• Plug with marginal seat
• Stem with fine thread
• Flat lubricating nipple
• Locking device, countersunk
• Cast iron variations with nodular iron bonnet as standard

 Ari Faba Plus (239 kb)

 Stop Valve with Gland Seal PN16-40 (233 kb)

 Stop Valve with Gland Seal PN63-160 (135 kb)


These are ideal for throtting service. Their flow characteristics permit accurate and repeatable flow control.
However, caution must be exercised to avoid extremely close throttling when pressure drop exceeds 20%. This
creates excessive noise, vibration, and possibly damage to valves and piping. When these conditions are
anticipated, consult Dong-Kang for recommendation.

 Globe Valve


• BS5154 PN32 Series B/NM
• Rising stem
• PTFE renewable disk
• High quality lubricated packing
• Can be re-packed under pressure

 Bronze Globe Valve Type 1029


• High tightness
• Hydraulic test acc. to pr EN 12266-1
• Face-to-face length acc. to DIN 3202-F1
• Flange drilling acc. to DIN 2501

 Globe Valve with Flanged

walworth globe valve

 walworth cast steel globe valves #150.pdf

 walworth cast steel globe valves #300.pdf

 walworth cast steel globe valves #600.pdf

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