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Check Valve


• Conventional port
• Piston check
• Bolted bonnet with spiral wound gasket, thread and seal welded bonnet or threaded and pressure seal bonnet

 Wafer Check Valve

 Piston Check Valve 150 - 800 lb.

 Piston Check Valve 1500 Ib


• Solid plug and seat made of stainless material
• Re-setting spring made of stainless steel
• Precise plug guidance

 Check Valve with Flange (145 kb)

• Solid plug / valve plate made of stainless material
• Solid seat made of stainless material
• Re-setting spring made of stainless steell
• Precise plug / valve plate guidance

 Stainless steel Disc Check Valve DN15-DN100 (202 kb)

 Stainless steel Disc Check Valve DN125-DN350 (767 kb)


• Closing system : Double axial guiding with release spring
• Compact 01 system in 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4"
• Excellent sealing at high as well as at low pressure

 Check Valve - Type 601

 Check Valve - Type 882

 Check Valve - Type 895

 Ball Check Valve - Type 418

 Ball Check Valve - Type 408


Serves as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction. They are commonly used where a minimum of
pressure drop is important because they offer typically no resistance to flow when fully open. Throtting is not
conductive to accurate and consistent flow control. Also the valves may be damaged by the high velocity across
the seats. They function best fully open or fully closed.

 Check Valve


 Atomac Lined Ball Check Valve Type ARV2

 Atomac Lined 45 Ball Check Valve Type ARL

 Atomac Lined Swing Check Valve Type ARK2


• BS5154 PN32 Series B
• Horizontal fixing
• Metal seat and prong type metal disc
• Body arrow indicates direction of flow

 Bronze Horizontal Check Valve Type 1039

 Bronze Swing Check Valve Type 1060A


 walworth cast steel check valves #150.pdf

 walworth cast steel check valves #300.pdf

 walworth cast steel check valves #600.pdf

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