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Armstrong Specification

Steam/Water Heaters

Steam/water heaters are typically classified as instantaneous, semi-instantaneous and tank-type.
Temperature control can be defined as either feed-forward or feedback.

Feedback systems are error-driven and rely upon an outlet or downstream thermostatic temperature-sensing
device to detect a temperature change requirement and then modulate the steam to effect the heat exchange in
an attempt to recover the heater set-point. Feedback systems are reactive, and a significant concern is their
speed of response to system and application temperature control requirements.

ARMSTRONG - Flo-rite temp , Instanteneous Water Heater

Flo Rite Temp (368 kb)


Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

Trap Valve Station

Bimetallic Steam Trap

Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

Disc Trap

Wafer Steam Trap

Dual Orifice Trap

Pump Trap

Control Valve

Flash Recovery Vessel

Armstrong Intelligence Monitoring (AIMŪ)

Steam & Water Hose Station & Mixing Unit

Air Vent

Drain Trap

Rada Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Recirculating Valves

Emech Digital Control Valves

Flo Rite Temp


Direct Contact Gas-Fired Water Heater


Steam System Web Monitoring

Armstrong Direct Contact Gas-Fire Water Heater

• No internal moving parts
• 98% or greater efficiency
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