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Control valves are a key component in any pressure or temperature control application. With the increasing cost
of fuel, delivering media in the most efficient way increases productivity by delivering the required pressure or
temperature while avoiding excessive consumption. Precision control also provides repeatability and safety for
any process.

• Series 1500 valves are globe two-way single seated valves that deliver accurate and efficient control for most
steam and liquid applications
• Body has top entry trim and bolted bonnet to enable easy access to all internal parts for in-line inspection,
maintenance, and trim replacement
• Carbon steel material
• Two pneumatic actuator sizes
• Pneumatic actuators have been designed with six springs to allow lower hysteresis and higher performance
• Pneumatic actuators tested to three million cycles
• Reverse and direct acting actuators that are field reversible
• Two packings: PTFE chevron seals and graphoil
• Live spring loaded Teflon packing for long service and less maintenance
• Parabolic equal percentage trims for accurate control
• Additional trims are coming soon. Trims such as perforated unbalanced, multi-hole balanced, soft seat Class VI,
and micro trims are a few examples.
• Metal to metal seats rated for Class IV shut off
• 17-4 PH h900 plugs for long service and better resistance
• 50:1 rangeability
• Electric actuators
• On/Off and modulating characteristics

ARMSTRONG - PythonŽ - 1500 Series Control Valves

PythonŽ - 1500 Series Control Valves


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