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Armstrong Specification

AIM® brings intelligence to wireless technology by applying smart thinking devices to monitor critical plant applications
in real time.


AIM (549 kb)


Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

Trap Valve Station

Bimetallic Steam Trap

Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

Disc Trap

Wafer Steam Trap

Dual Orifice Trap

Pump Trap

Flash Recovery Vessel

Control Valve

Armstrong Intelligence Monitoring (AIMŪ)

Steam & Water Hose Station & Mixing Unit

Air Vent

Drain Trap

Rada Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Recirculating Valves

Emech Digital Control Valves

Flo Rite Temp


Direct Contact Gas-Fired Water Heater


Steam System Web Monitoring

Armstrong Steam & Water Hose Station & Mixing Unit

STEAMIX 2030 is a steam/water heater and is recommended for use in various washing machines, vessel filling, container top off barrel washing and other similar applications.
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