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Ari Armaturen FABA - PLUS Specification

• Double wall bellows seal as standard
• Plug with marginal seat
• Stem with fine thread
• Flat lubricating nipple
• Locking device, countersunk
• Cast iron variations with nodular iron bonnet as standard
• Heat dissipating bonnet
• Bonnet optimised for accessories
• Secondary sealing: gland packing
• Position indicator as standard
• Non-rising handwheel
• Non-rotation lock for each nominal diameter
• External stem thread
• Stem with roll hardened thread

ARI-FABA - PLUS Stop Valve with Bellows Seal,

 Ari Faba Plus (254 kb)

Ari Armaturen STOBU Specification

• Solid plug made of stainless material
• Solid stem made of stainless material
• Solid seat made of stainless material
• Favourable zeta-values also for small nominal diameters
• Proven technology
• Stem with roll hardened thread
• Burnished stem
• High-tensile gland packing

ARI-STOBU - Stop Valve with Gland Seal

 Stop Valve with Gland Seal PN16-40 (238 kb)

 Stop Valve with Gland Seal PN63-160 (135 kb)
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• For the discharge of condensate sub-cooled up to 30K
• Automatic ventiliation during start up and operation of the plant
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