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Alpha Specification


• Conventional port
• Outside screw and Yokes
• Two piece self alignment packing gland
• Bolted bonnet with spiral wound gasket, thread and seal welded bonnet or threaded and pressure seal bonnet
• Integral backseat

ALPHA - Forged Steel Globe Valve

 Forged Steel Globe Valve 150 - 800 lb.

 Forged Steel Globe Valve Class 1500


• Shut of valve in casted and forged steel
• Straight patter with vertical stem and bolted bonnet
• Raised, turning stem
• Steam sealing in graphite
• Out blowing saft stem

ALPHA - Cast Steel Gland Packing Globe Valve

 Cast Steel Gland Packing Globe Valve PN16-40

Ball Valve

Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Check Valve

Needle Valve

Expansion Joint

Steam Separator



Butterfly Valve

• Compact design
• Precision guided stem
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